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Properly sorting your waste into the right bins (i.e. Blue Bin recycling, Green Bin organics, garbage) can save money, reduce the amount of material going to landfill and benefit the environment.

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Property owners of multi-residential buildings pay a fee based on how much garbage the building generates during the billing period and the number of units in the building. There is no fee for Blue Bin recycling and Green Bin organics collection. Buildings that reduce garbage by diverting more waste through the Blue Bin recycling and Green Bin organics programs will reduce their Solid Waste fees.

Reliable Garbage Collection, Right at your Curb!

We strive to keep the environment safe and green while providing superior garbage collection service.

  • Street Collection for Household Garbage
  • Back Door, Valet, Catering Service
  • Recycling Collection
  • Green Organics Pickup

We know how important it is to keep your home clean and sanitary for your family and guests. That’s why you can depend on AW Waste for reliable residential garbage collection service right from your curb. We service all 10 provinces and are Canada’s #1 source for curbside trash collection.

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Billed Quarterly. 10% Discount if billed Annually.

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Hazardous Waste
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