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Info and specifications for Portable Toilet Rentals.

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Portable Toilet Rental FAQs

These are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about porta potties, our ordering process, and sanitation servicing. See our porta potty FAQs and their answers below.

Placing an Order

How far in advance do I need to order my portable toilets and/or restroom trailers?

To ensure that our local vendors can provide you with exactly what you need, we ask that you contact us at least two days in advance of your preferred delivery date. For large events or highly populated job sites, giving us a week or more of lead time is encouraged. If you require same-day delivery, we can usually accommodate you, but this isn’t guaranteed—providing ample lead time is the best way to make sure you get everything you need.

Can I rent a portable toilet for one day only?

Yes! Our portable toilets are perfect for weekend events, or even a one-day party. Please order at least two days before your event whenever possible to ensure availability and schedule a convenient delivery.

Portable Toilet Placement and Servicing

Where can my portable restroom be placed?

Our local vendors will place your rental units at your event or job site per your instruction, making every reasonable attempt to accommodate your desire for specific placement at your location. However, we will relocate units if necessary for us to service them safely (you’ll be notified in the event of relocation). Ideal placement sites offer level ground, sufficient lighting, and easy access for servicing.

What is included in sanitation servicing?

Each sanitation service includes pumping out the tanks of your portable toilet rentals, cleaning and sanitizing each unit, restocking supplies such as soap, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper, and relocating units within your site if necessary.

Where does the waste go after a portable toilet has been serviced?

Our providers will transport the waste to a local wastewater facility and dispose of it in accordance with the local municipality’s regulations and procedures.

How often will my portable toilet rentals be serviced?

Our base rental prices include one sanitation service per week. You may order extra sanitation servicing for an additional charge per visit.

Will the portable toilets be hygienic for my event?

Absolutely! We use different rental units for events and construction sites, so if you’re ordering for an event, you won’t receive a portable toilet that’s ever been used at a job site. All units will be cleaned and sanitized during servicing as well.

How do you cut down on odors and germs within a rental unit?

During a sanitation service, our providers will clean the inner bowl of each unit and provide a thorough janitorial service inside and out. They clean and sanitize each unit and add a special sanitizing detergent in the water that also acts as a deodorizer, keeping the unit smelling pleasant while also reducing your exposure to germs. Additional sanitation supplies, such as odor control products and air fresheners, are available by request.

How do you keep the waste from freezing in colder climates?

Antifreeze is typically mixed in with the deodorizing water that is placed in the tank. It works to keep the water liquid and unfrozen in colder climates. All of the antifreeze products and other chemicals we use are acceptable for disposal at local wastewater facilities.

What happens if a portable toilet gets knocked over?

Contact ASAP Site Services as soon as possible to report the incident. We will dispatch a driver to your site to evaluate the situation and make any necessary adjustments.


What are the rules regarding ADA-compliant units?

ASAP Site Services offers ADA-compliant portable toilet solutions for use at construction sites and special events. ADA-accessible units are large enough and have all the proper elements necessary to meet the standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Specifically, the statute states that for single-user portable toilets clustered at a single location, at least 5% of the units should be ADA-compliant (but no less than one unit per cluster). Accessible units shall also be identified by the International Symbol of Accessibility. The exception is that if portable toilet units are used exclusively by construction personnel who do not require the use of an ADA unit, you are not required to comply with this statute. (Federal Register/Vol. 56, No. 144/July 26, 1991/ Rules and Regulations/ 4.1.2 Accessible Site and Exterior Facilities: New Construction).

Am I required to have portable toilets at my construction site?

Most city ordinances specifically detail the requirements regarding portable sanitation on construction sites. Generally, inspectors require that a portable toilet is ordered and on-site before approving the inspection. Additionally, OSHA requires a portable toilet on a construction site, as listed under the Safety and Health Regulations for a Construction Site (1923.51 (c) (1), 1926.51 (c) (3), (I), (ii), (iii), (iv)). For information regarding specific city or country ordinances, contact your local municipality.

Does placing a portable toilet at my construction site really cut down on time and expenses?

You can reduce employee downtime by providing a convenient alternative to having your employees spend invaluable time searching for a restroom off-site. The following chart was developed in a study conducted by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI), showing the annual cost of 10 minutes of wasted toilet time per employee, per day:

chart to help determine the amount of portable toilets needed for construction sites

Formula: hourly rate divided by 60 minutes per hour x 10 minutes x number of employees x 255 days per year.

For more information regarding this study, please contact the Portable Sanitation Association International at 1-800-822-3020.

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