AW Waste offers temporary restrooms that are a necessary part of any outdoor construction site. Our experienced drivers take great pride in providing excellent service and complete a detailed checklist during each visit to ensure that every unit is cleansed and sanitized thoroughly. Whether your construction site is an interstate highway, a high-rise in a city, a residential property, or a renovated job, we will provide the best portable restroom service experience.



AW provides all types of affordable toilet rentals to assist the residential contractor in achieving their project goals.


Commercial building consists of remodeling, additions, new construction, alterations, and reconstruction of highways, high rises, other heavy construction, industrial buildings, bridges, and warehouses. If you are engaged in commercial building, you might need specialty services and products as well as standard portable restrooms. AW is capable of providing a variety of specialty equipment for these types of projects. A High-Rise Construction Unit is a special highly portable restroom that goes where the work is.


Individual porta potties refer to a single unit restroom facility containing one toilet. The Standard Restrooms are the most popular portable toilet rental for special events. These single unit restrooms may be used in larger volumes, alone, or in combination with other equipment such as hand wash stations. We provide service that includes washing the unit and sanitizing it thoroughly.


The Deluxe Restrooms feature a spacious interior making them a dedicated event unit with a sink. Our Deluxe Portable Restrooms have an extra large door opening that easily accommodates people of any height!


This is an individual restroom completely self-enclosed with added luxury of wash and flush capability, perfect for a small, more upscale gathering or any project that may require hand wash capability.


The High-Rise is a highly portable and fully self-enclosed restroom unit designed specifically for high-rise construction. It can be easily lifted by crane or rolled to any location on the job site. Its wheels allow for maneuverability and lock for complete stability.


Those who require special facilities are met with the wheelchair accessible portable toilet. The wheelchair accessible restroom is a larger size portable restroom facility with extra safety features for the accommodation and comfort of those who require added functionality.


The ADA Compliant porta potty is designed to accommodate those attendees with special needs by making sure they can comfortably use and maneuver through the space. This unit includes items such as grab bars and toilet paper dispensers, not just the toilet and lavatory.

Hand Wash Sink Station rentalsHelp your guests and employees on site stay clean and germ-free with Hand Washing Stations. The delayed action faucet promotes good hygiene by allowing both hands to be washed simultaneously.

Holding Tanks - Holding Tank RentalHolding tanks are ideal for construction site office trailers or other high volume storage needs. A holding tank easily slides underneath a trailer and come in a variety of styles and applications.

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