City of Toronto manages over 900,000 tonnes of waste

Ways to Reduce Waste throughout Toronto Canada
Reuse – Use reusable bags for shopping and gift giving, reusable bottles and mugs instead of disposables when on the go and real dishes and cutlery at events. When shopping, consider thrift stores and garage sales.
Repurpose – Find new uses for things you would otherwise throw away. A few examples include using cookie tins for storage, turning old clothes into rags, using cans as pencil holders and using old jars as vases.
Swap – Organize a swap with friends or attend one of the many swap events happening in the city.
Borrow/Share/Rent – Borrow tools, party supplies, camping gear, sports equipment, board games and toys from a lending library or share things like a lawn mower or ladder with neighbours. You can also rent clothing for special events or one-time use.
Repair – Extend the life of items like clothing, appliances and electronics by repairing them and keep an eye out for repair events in the city.
Shop Consciously – Plan ahead, buy only what you need and consider the impact of packaging when making purchases.
Donate – Give clothing, books, toys and more a new life by donating them.

Waste Reduction process in Toronto Canada
Every year, the City of Toronto manages over 900,000 tonnes of waste. This requires money, energy, and resources and takes up valuable landfill space. Waste reduction should always be top of mind as the less waste produced, the less there is to manage. Join the waste reduction movement and help keep items out of landfill.


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